Everything "Down" on reload - HELP!



Fresh install of Nagios 1.3, on Red Hat EL 4, Update 2. Compiled and installed straight from the documentation. About 450 hosts monitored for 3 services.

Whenever I reload the service to add new hosts/change the configuration, Nagios sees the hosts as down, even though immediately before the reload, the hosts were up. When this happens, there are a flurry of e-mails sent, and then once the machines are re-polled by Nagios, there are more e-mails sent about the recovery.

This behavior doesn’t exist on our v1.2 installation.

Anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance for the help!


More information: The error message reported by Nagios for the down hosts is: “No output!”


What does your nagios.cfg file have for:


DO NOT USE “Restart The Nagios Process”

It’s documented on other forums this is a known bug with Nagios. Unfortunately when you click this button Nagios doesn’t always stop the previous process properly. Therefore you end up with two running and they conflict over service checks.

Always shutdown Nagios and start it again manually to be sure it works every time.