EZNag XML Parsing error


Hello. I have been using Nagios for about 3 years now. Decided to upgrade my installation to the EZNag VM and start over from scratch. The existing config files were all written out by hand and very neglected. I got everything up and working properly in Nagios and loaded up 2 of my subnets using the NMap option. When I got to the third subnet, one of our biggest ones, I ran the NMap and it ran for over three hours. I finally gave up on it ever finishing and rebooted the computer. I was able to successfully run it again and it only took about 20 minutes, but subsequent nmap runs after that all yield a XML Parsing error. The NMap results include both the results from the scan that was just run as well as the results from the third scan on my big subnet. It gives me the error both when the scan finishes as well as when I create host and services.

The error reads:
The XML Parsing failed.
Error: Invalid document end at line: 1209, column: 8

Please help. I think I just need to either clear out the file or even delete a file, but I do not know which file. I am very familiar with Ubuntu, but CentOS is brand new to me. I could go back and start over, but I already have over 100 host and services in there equaling about a day and a half worth of work I would rather not loose.

Thank you.


The problem seems to have fixed itself after a couple of days.