False UP/Down Notifications


Hello everyone,

First time I post here… lets see if there is someone out there that can give me a hand! I’m using Nagios in a very large environment. and I am having multiple problems.

  1. When I’m in the status map most of the devices say “Pending Status”.

  2. Some hosts randomly send out notifications saying that the system is down/up. I know for a fact that the system is always UP so I have no idea why it’s “assuming” the system is down. I am able to manually ping from the Nagios server any of the devices giving me the issues. Ping is allowed from the source to destination. I am only using the check-ping command.

If anyone has an idea I would appreciate it, even a thought… anything. I’m kinda running out of imagination here :s


what’s your ping service definition? your host check definition? what timeouts are you using on the ping command?


Hey! Thanks for your reply! I got it figured out, there were “redundant” nagios processes running on the server… I just had to kill “nagios” and restart it. As an advice to anyone… if you receive a lot of “orphan” errors on your logs, try stopping nagios (./init.d/nagios stop) if that doesn’t stop all the processes just do a killall nagios.

Worked for me :wink:


I haven’t tried recently… but in earlier versions of nagios there WERE problems when using “nagios restart”. Just to be safe do not use restart, try stop/start or relaod instead.