First Time Setup Help with SNMP Error 127


Ok, I am a first time user. I am not a Linux user by birth or anything, I just know enough to be dangerous, here is the history to let you know what I am doing.

I installed Ubuntu 8.10, used the Nagios QuickStart Guide for Ubuntu to get everything in place. I even changed the instructions to download the latest plugins of 1.4.13 instead of 11.

I configured Nagios to monitor a switch via PING. It works after a Nagios restart. I try a SNMP via the “How to monitor a Router/Switch” manual, and it says the following: return code of 127 is out of bounds - plugin may be missing.

I know that the plugin is supposed to be in the plugins I downloaded.

Things I have checked:
The switch does have the public name setup, there is no password on the operator or manager IDs. Its an HP 4104GL switch. What am I doing wrong?


Try to run the check_snmp command from the terminal and see what output does it give…
Check the syntax of your check_command variable within service definition, and the syntax of a check_command in command definition. Post them here if you don’t see any errors


check_snmp has pre-requisites before it will install along with the other plugins. Check the REQUIREMENTS file included with the plugins tarball, I think it requires net-snmp