Fixing configuration errors


while running the configuration from the command line i am getting the following error
line 120: unexpected EOF while looking for matching "' line 124: syntax error: unexpected end of file my line 120 is illegal_object_name_chars=~!$%^&*"|’<>?,()=


search this forum… this already happened a wwhile ago… not sure it had been solved.



line 124? You must have a vastly different nagios.cfg file than I do, which seems odd. Why not just paste your nagios.cfg file here for us to see, but you could just copy the original nagios.cfg from the source and modify it properly this time. Either way should work.


well i managed to fix that problem.
but now when i try to start nagios i am getting the following error:
Error: Could not create external command file ‘/usr/local/nagios/var/rw/nagios.cmd’ as named pipe: (2) -> No such file or directory. If this file already exists and you are sure that another copy of Nagios is not running, you should delete this file.

i am sure no other copy of nagios is ruinning


First before we go on to next problem, it would be informative if you divulge some information on how the problem was fixed, for future reference.