FreeBSD - Status Map devel library problem


Nagios is working well, but not the status maps yet. I am having trouble locating the source code for gd-devel, png-devel and jpeg-devel as I need to compile a source code version for FreeBSD. Does anyone know where these can be sourced?
Thanks in advance,

#2 is the GD library home maybe you find some reference here. :slight_smile:



Hi Luca,
Thanks for the advice. Unfortunately, none of the sites that offer the basic library (like gd from you mention), seem to offer the devel equivalent.


Compile, install and the staus map should be working fine. That is of course, assuming you have the other libraries installed, png, jpeg, etc.


I re-installed gd and reran the nagios configure / make. (Which I thought I’d done before, but no matter). Restarted nagios and I now have Status Map working! Thanks for the advice!