Fruity 0.61 Released!


Fruity 0.61 has been released. Major enhancements include version 2
configuration file support and host and extended information support.
Since I don’t have a version 2 nagios install to test with (but I’ve
tested to the limits of documentation and example nagios 2 configs),
please help test this release and verify it functions. I’ll be
accepting bugs and comments regarding this release until thursday,
which then I’ll release a customary 0.65 release which will correct
any major flaws.

Get it at

Below is the changelog entry.



0.61 - 3/1/2005

  • Add patch to correct weird spelling between nagios versions of the parameter: use_agressive_host_checking
  • Corrected error in hostgroups import for version 1 import

0.6 - 3/1/2005

  • Database Schema updated to support version 2 configs and extended information
  • Fruity now supports either version 1 or version 2 configs, and can
    import and export between them.
  • Added flag to determine nagios version in config.php
  • Modified Main Configuration to support Version 2 configuration parameters
  • Added Host and Service Extended Information (compatibility with
    version 1 and version 2 configs)
  • Added Contact Additional Addresses (Version 2 feature only)
  • Added Contact Paramter contactgroups support in import (Version 2
    feature only)
  • Disable Hostgroup Contact group’s parameter if using Version 2 Support
  • Added Version 2’s Contact parameter contactgroups into Import
  • Added Version 2’s Host parameter hostgroups into Import
  • Added Version 2’s Host parameter check_interval
  • Added Version 2’s Host parameter active_checks_enabled
  • Added Version 2’s Host parameter passive_checks_enabled
  • Added Version 2’s Host parameter check_period
  • Added Version 2’s Host parameter obsess_over_host
  • Added Version 2’s Host parameter check_freshness
  • Added Version 2’s Host parameter freshness_threshold
  • Added Version 2’s Host contactgroup functionality
  • Added Version 2’s Contact Group(s) to Host (including import/export)
  • Added Version 2’s Flapping paramter to notification options in Host
  • Added Service Groups (Version 2 feature only)
  • Added CGI Import


Hi deflux,

I downloaded 0.7 and cant get the php web page to come up. I keep getting this error referring to line 356. There are only 98 lines in…

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: mysql_pconnect() in /var/www/html/fruity/adodb/drivers/ on line 356

Any ideas?


Sorry about that… we were looking at the wrong file… yes there is a line 356… still having the problem getting the index.php to work though


I personally don’t like .cfg GUI’s. They add an extra complexity to the whole thing. It’s much easier to add a host or service check by doing a vi on the file, then a 9yy and p, change the hostname and bam, I’m done. With a Gui, you fire up the gui, browse to what you want to add, type the entire thing out, … etc. What did you save? I tried one once, and it was way more trouble than “vi services.cfg”