Graphing with MySQL instead of RRDTool


Is it possible for me to do RRDTool-style graphs (Network Traffic, Bandwidth, etc) but use the MySQL database that my NDOUtils creates instead? I’m concerned about having duplicate databases on my server since hard drive space is at a premium.

Any ideas at all would be very helpful! thanks!



A typical RRD file is around 70KB. They stay a constant size because they lose granulation over time (ie: data 2 months and older will have datapoints daily instead of every 5 mins, depending on your setup).

We’ve got 5075 graphs and it takes up 372MB. Are you going to have that many graphs ? PnP is good, or if you want fancier you can use nagiosgraph+cacti

I tell you this because I don’t know of any apps that will graph with info from ndoutils :slight_smile: you may have to build something yourself.

actually scratch that, heres someones project … 4.html;d=1
ndo2grapher. might do what you need


Thanks for the reply MP!

:smiley: No, We’re not going to have quite that many graphs! I was thinking more like graphing the network traffic, CPU and memory usage over time, etc. We only have about 80 hosts (and most of those are switches) so I’m not going to need many graphs.

I really was looking for something a little more efficient than our current solution: we use MS SQL Server Reporting Services to graph the MySQL data via an ODBC connection–slow, bloated, and underpowered! :wink: I can take a look at PnP or nagiosgraph + cacti (I’ve heard good things about both). Thanks for the ideas!