Graphs for performance


I want to install addon graphs for performance…
I’ve problem to installed Nagiosgrapher and now it will be replace by NETWAYSGrapher2, I’ve read about PNP, nagiosgraph, and so on…

Which one is better to use and install?
Do you have feedback or infos…?



I would say PNP has better documentation. Therefore, it will be easier to install.



I have utilized pnp4nagios successfully with Nagios but this Nagios3 version is making it impossible to install PNP4Nagios correctly.

Not sure if it is because I am utilizing Nagiosql older version or something else but I do not get the icons for displaying the trend graphs.

I am upgrading to Nagiosql 3.0.3-1 to see if that is better.

This is the “configure” parameters used for installation:
*** Configuration summary for pnp 0.4.14 05-02-2009 ***

General Options:

Nagios user/group: nagios nagios
Install directory: /etc/nagios3
HTML Dir: /etc/nagios3/share
Config Dir: /etc/nagios3/etc
Location of rrdtool binary: /usr/bin/rrdtool Version 1.2.27
RRDs Perl Modules: FOUND (Version 1.2027)
RRD Files stored in: /etc/nagios3/var/spool/perfdata Logfile: /etc/nagios3/var/spool/perfdata.log
Perfdata files (NPCD) stored in: /etc/nagios3/var/spool/perfdata/

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.