Grouped Notifications


I’m hoping someone can help me out with this.
We currently have a pretty large Nagios monitoring setup going at the university I work at. We would like to tap into the idea of the ‘Network Outage’ in the Nagios CGI’s. For instance if we have 30 devices in a building, and one device that they all go through goes down(therefore the entire building has lost connectivity), we would like to get ONE alert saying “Building X is critical, network outage”, instead of getting 30+alerts for each device.

I’ve looked around and see there are plugins people have wrote such as check_cluster, which will allow us to group devices together and receive one alert. This would work except I can’t think of a way to integrate it so that it suppresses the other alerts. In what we’re trying to do it isn’t really a ‘cluster’ so I don’t want to turn off notifications on the individual devices, as suggested in the documentation because I still want to know if one device goes down.

So basically,
If one device goes down, alert like normal.
If an entire building goes down(network outage), suppress the individual alerts and send me one alert for a network outage.

Any one have any ideas or suggestions?



Try looking into dependancies. That should do what your looking for. Kinda confusing but should get the job done. I’m going to impliment dependancies when I move to ver. 3 and redo my config.