Groups of service groups?


I’m getting into service groups, and it’s working out wonderfully. What I’m wondering, though, is if you can have groups of service groups. It would really just be for organizational purposes on the web interface. For example, I’m developing service groups based on local checks I’m performing on remote hosts. I’ve got a service group for disk space, one for memory checks, etc. Is it possible to further group those groups into a group called “Local Checks”, for example. I know that I could just create this group and put all the local checks in there, but I like the idea of checking on one common service for all of my hosts. That way, if I want to look at disk space for my hosts, my eyes don’t have to “filter out” any stats on RAM, CPU Load, etc…

But on the other hand, I think it’d be nice if when, in the web interface, I went to check out my service groups, I saw all my local checks indented under a header of the “Local Checks” service group, or if there was a link to all of them, or something like that.