Help! /check_ping: no such file or directory - return 127


I’m getting the error /check_ping: no such file or directory - return 127 …

I downloaded the newest plugins from nagios site for this new install…
I ran the ./configure everything went well did the make & make install

However the nagios documentation says that by default make install will install files to /usr/local/bin etc. etc. except I have nothing in that folder after the install. The only folder I saw made was libexec in my /usr/local/nagios folder.

Do I need to specify where nagios installs these plugins? just seems like it threw them into the wrong folder … ie the folder that i originally extracted the tar into.

I have a bunch of lines that say:

make:[2] Enterting directory /root/Desktop/nagios-plugins-1.4.5' make:[2] Nothing to be done forinstall-exec-am’ .
make:[2] Nothing to be done for install-data-am' . make:[2]:Leaving directory/root/Desktop/nagios-plugins-1.4.5’

Feels like im missing something or they were just trying to be installed inside the desktop dir? not sure - new to linux & nagios…so close to finishing setup though… :stuck_out_tongue: haha.

**please help:?: **


Please read the nagios docs again.
The nagios instructions are for installing nagios, and not how to install the plugins.

nagios does install the nagios binary file to /usr/local/nagios/bin by default, so that file should be there if you have in fact installed nagios to the default location per the docs.

the plugins are installed to /usr/local/nagios/libexec by default. REad the README or INSTALL file that comes with the plugins to install them.
The defaults are usually just fine.
make install



I installed nagios textbook by the docs,

everything is in /usr/local/nagios/
and the nagios binary is in /usr/local/nagios/bin
Also - the plugins were installed into /usr/local/nagios/libexec

Just as you said…however…I’m still getting the error… is there a command that might have been left out that references where to find the plugins? maybe?

D: guys:?:


nagios.cfg is the main nagios config file. It will have lines in it that tell nagios where to find all the other config files. Those other config files, namely resource.cfg, will tell nagios where to find the plugins, i.e. # Sets $USER1$ to be the path to the plugins
The plugins themselves are just files sitting in a folder. If you don’t define checkcommands, then they just sit there.
So, look at your checkcommands.cfg file and see where you have defined a check command that is named “/check_ping”.
I doubt you will find one, since none of the checks that I have ever seen are named starting with “/”


Ah I see what happened.

somehow my resource file isnt there… =P

So basically I just need to add a statement in resource.cfg saying:

And a reference to resource.cfg in nagios.cfg



Depends I suppose. Some people only have 2 files. i.e. nagios.cfg and minimal.cfg. Minimal.cfg will contain all directives.