Help finding out why my Browsers won't work!



I am an odd problem, which I hope I have captured with Wireshark. The problem is it is too technical for me to understand, I need help understanding it :smiley:

Let me start by saying what the issue is.
I have 3 PC’s in my house. The main one is my Desktop (Shuttle XPC) and it was working fine on the internet connection (Airtel, India) though it is only a 256K connection :frowning: but it did work. Eventually Internet Explorer and Chrome stopped working so I switched to Opera, which worked for a while but now that has ground to a virtual halt.
Interestingly downloading software or p2p and I get 30K bytes + which would be about right and skype works fine, so the through put and connectivity is there.
I rebuilt the PC last October, and using Acronis 10 I created some images along the way. The first of which was just Windows and Acronis (never been on the internet before image was taken). When I roll back to this and make it web ready I still have the same poor internet issues (odd!!)
I am using AVG free for anti virus (I know…) and Sunbelt Kiero (yep all free) so probably not the best but they show no issues.

My wife uses a Samsung NC10 and that works for the most part ok.
I also have an IBM T60 which works fine (work PC, tons of security on it -apparently).

i have added attechments to compare, the good one is fro the IBM laptop and the poor one is from the Shuttle desktop. The same operation was done in both whereby Chrome was started and I navigated to On the desktop I has to hit refresh after 72 seconds as it couldn’t load the page.

There is a theory that Airtel (my ISP) are capping those with ‘large’ download limits (I doesn’t take much to get there apparently), which may explain why only one of my PC’s is suffering so badly.

If anyone can help with the trace analysis I would appreciate it very much :smiley:



[EDIT] I have trace but for some reason I cannot attach them here. Please send PM and I’ll get them to you (they small).