Help on configuring FNagios images support


Hi all

I have been trying to install some icon pack from here F*Nagios Pack

I think the images added in this pack could give a new look to the entire web interface, so i started installing it.
The point is that you have to recompile statusmap.cgi after doing some code changes that are pointed in the readme file within the icons pack because this icons are true color ones.
I use debian 5, and i compiled with this options:

then compiled

The cgi’s were created properly, without any error, so i copyed statusmap.cgi to

And replaced the original one

and the images in the pack, to

Beside the cook folder and so…

The point is that, even following the install instructions step by step, i still dont get this images to work…
If only i could contact witht the creator/maintainer of the image pack…

Can anyone help me to point which can be the problem?