Help with contact configuration


Hi all,

We’ve been using Nagios for some time now, and just recently started providing notifications via email. Our organization is a college, with 15-20 campuses all around the country. Each campus has a campus tech that’s responsible for his local servers, etc. Additionally, we have a corporate support staff that’s responsible for the campuses as well as our data center. Currently, I have contact groups setup for network, servers, and applications and send out notifications to the appropriate groups defined in host or service templates. One of my goals is to keep everything as “templated” as possible.

Here’s the challenge – Now that we’re all comfortable with the notifications we’re getting at corporate we’d like to roll out notifications to our campus techs, however, I’d only like them to receive notifications for the hosts and services at their specific campus and not everything else. Since I have host/service groups defined for each campus, I thought it would be a simple matter to add the contact_group to the host_group/service_group definition for the campus, but apparently you can’t do that. It looks like I can only add it to a host or service definition.

My question is, can I template this somehow so that a contact (or contact group) receives only notifications for a specific host group?

My alternatives appear to be: a) assign contact/contact_groups to each host/service or b) create a service/host template for each campus and then assign the contact groups to that. Both are kinda ugly … :slight_smile: am I missing something?



Option b) doesn’t look that ugly to me. I would do that

I don’t see any other sollution to your request, but if I find something interesting I will tell you.