Hide hostgroups


We use Nagios v.1.2. Nagios is compiled and configured using standard procedures.

We would like to hide a hostgroup so it doesn’t show. The reason for this is simple, we have 21 branchoffices and would like to group them for each location without displaying the “organisation group”, Print servers (see below) for example.


define hostgroup{
hostgroup_name Print_Servers
alias Print Servers
contact_groups Operation
members host_1,host_2,host_3…

The above hostgroup purpose is to define services for all hosts of the same type. We would like to hide this group from the Nagios webinterface. We already have each branchoffice specified with its unique hosts and therefore, the above hostgroup only confuses those who use the webinterface.

I will appreciate any response I get.
Thanks in advance!

Best regards,
Sebastian Bergstroem


If you require each person that gets’ on your website to authenticate themselves, then each person can be put in a group. If they are not part of that group, they won’t see any other hosts. I’m doing that now and it works great.Read the section “securing nagios” and you’ll have it in no time.


I exactly wanna do your offer. But I don’t know how to do it. I want to each contact group can see its hosts or hostgroups. I read security section of nagios documentation but I didnt find a part related about that. Can you explain me your solution? If you give an config. example, it will be perfect.
In my config, I have three contact, and And I have three user with same name in cgi.cfg file. But when I try to login with one of them, I can see all hostgroups, its own hostgroups.