High Check Latency

Almost constantly, my nagios server has the latency that follows:

                     Min       Max     Average

Check Latency: 22 sec 68 sec 47.260 sec

I messed around with the max_concurrent_checks (currently set to 0, but 150 didnt help either) and some other settings that I could find searching but nothing really helped. Any ideas? We are checking 904 services on 119 hosts. The server is a P4 something (i cant recall off the top of my head) with 2+ GB RAM. Any help is appreciated.


Perhaps you should join the discussion in the thread found at the following URL:
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Same subject perhaps?

The link you gave isn’t working, btw.
Your problem may be that you made so many drastic changes to the defaults, that you are simply putting your CPU to it’s knees.
For example:
in nagios.cfg
If you changed from interval_length=60 to interval_length=1, then I would guess you would have problems.

So, without seeing all of your changes that you made, I’d suggest to start over with the defaults.

Thanks for the info. I followed the recommendations in the link above and got my check latency down to about .4 s. Turns out we were checking services on switches every minute when we were only checking the core switches. Since then, we added all the switches (about 75), so that really hosed things up. I made some other changes also from the recommendatiosn. All’s good now! Thanks again for the help!


BTW, The link above should be: (just take off the trailing <).