Host and Service numbers not equal


Can someone enlighten me with this one? My hosts and services are not equal in the host status totals and service status totals. Considering I defined only 1 service per host.



in the “All Types” field?


In the “All Problems” field.


That’s because you have more (or less) service problems that you do host problems. Why would that be strange?


the service is ping initially. The host is checked by check_fping. Thanks.


So the status of all hosts and all services is “UP” but yet, you have different totals for the “all problems” If so, what hosts/services are in a problem state? Need more details please.
"I have 10 hosts and one service check for each host. In the “all types” field of the “host status” display it shows 10 for hosts and 10 for services. All hosts are in the UP state and show “0” in the “all problems” field. There is one service in the down state and shows a “1” in the “all problems” field. Now this would be strange, since the service check is check_ping and the host check is “check_fping”.

If that is the case, then there might be a service check that is failing for some reason.


Yup your right jak. Although, I have concluded that the cgi is just slow in updating but observing the cgi seems fairly updated. Still both are not still equal. I changed the host check to check_fping and service “PING” to check_fping too. It is not equal. It is quite strange considering I have made them redundant. I will go again with the configurations but any ideas will be a great help. Thanks.

Host Status Totals
Up Down Unreachable Pending
3877 165 0 0
All Problems All Types
165 4042

Service Status Totals
Ok Warning Unknown Critical Pending
3864 11 0 167 0
All Problems All Types
178 4042


ok nevermind the problem I confirmed all services are OK. Hosts are ok. The thing is that the page is just slow in updating. Thanks guys.


the host and the sertvice are not checked at the same time, it could happen, when a host fails, that first the service is monitored (and fails) and only later the host is checked, in the meanwhile you have a failed service but not a failed host.