Host-check only, no service checks


To just check that a host is up, I believe it’s sufficient to just let the host definition do a “check_command check-host-alive” which is essentially a ping.

If I don’t yet have any services on that host to check, that’s fine. But without at least one service on a host, a configuration check generates a warning. Worse, I can’t search for a particular host, though it shows up in the hostgroup display. And worse yet, without a service, I don’t see where I can disable the host check or notifications if the host has a known problem.

So I really figure I do need at least one service per host. Should I disable the hostcheck (check_interval=0) and have a check_host_alive service that does it?

Thanks for any advice…Lyle


you can ping it. make a check_ping service check… (which you should do anyway :wink: )