Host checks always stating status up


In my current Nagios configuration all the service checks are being checked just fine and notifying fine as well, but when a host goes down or reboots the host still reports an up status and notifies about all the associated services instead of just reporting a host down. I also have a couple Parent/Child relationships and when a parent goes down Nagios still notifies about all of the child hosts and services. Is there a way to get Nagios to stop reporting all the service checks when a host or parent goes down? Thanks for any help!


If you have more than 60 hosts, some hosts will not be check, because by default nagios check the hosts every minute and one host is checked per second. I advise you to increase this parameter in nagios.cfg.


i only have 47 hosts currently, and none of them are being checked, only the services associated with them. So when a host goes down I receive pages about all of the services being down instead of just one stating there is host down. Thank you for the reply