Host checks on service state changes


Hello. I’ve been scouring the net for some clarification on this and haven’t found a good solid answer.

I’m new to Nagios (I’m supporting a Groundwork pro installation), and I’m trying to figure out exactly how to trigger a host check on a service state change (from OK to CRITICAL). I’ve read that this is automatic behavior in Nagios, but it doesn’t seem to be working properly.

I’ve configured the service to have an event handler enabled, and for the event handler to be “check_alive” ($USER1$/check_icmp -H $HOSTADDRESS$ -w 3000.0,80% -c 5000.0,100% -n 1). In the event log I can see the following information:
[03-13-2009 14:31:37] SERVICE EVENT HANDLER:;BB_alert;WARNING;SOFT;1;check_alive
[03-13-2009 14:31:37] SERVICE ALERT:;BB_alert;WARNING;SOFT;1;BB Alarms: green(5) yellow(1)

What I would like is for the host status to change to UP or DOWN based on the resultant host check after a service status change, and ideally for the “last check time” to update in the web interface. Neither of these currently happen. Am I interpreting the Nagios behavior incorrectly, is my command wrong, or do I have an issue with my configuration?