Host checks with distributed setup


So I have been running nagios for a long time now. never had to do a distributed setup. just got a master up and a slave up right now.

Running: Nagios 3.2.0 (and same problem with 3.0.6)

Master is recieving Slave Passive Checks. That works just fine.
Following the documentation, it states for the host definitions I have to turn on active checks so that hosts are checked activly from the central server.
This is all while with service checks turned off (which should only affect service checks, not host checks)

Problem is… my host checks do not work…

Help here would be greatly appreciated!



haven’t checked, but i don’t see a reason for the master to do the host checks.
The master may not even be able to reach the servers in the slaves “domain”… (firewalls or whatever reason)