Host configuration problem on localhost.cfg



Please, I need on how to configure hosts on nagios (localhost.cfg). I already configured nagios and apache (httpd.conf) and everything is fine I can reach nagios from other PCs on the network with url, but I have only one host, the localhost found in the template. Anytime I make any changes to the file in attempt to add a new host, Nagios will not restart, instead I wil get the error message: " CONFIG ERROR! Start aborted. Check your Nagios configuration." . I feel I don’t know how to add new hosts to the localhost.cfg file. PLEASE HELP ME.



As it said, “Check your Nagios configuration”. You can do that by reading the nagios docs and following them. One of the important parts of the nagios docs tells you how to run a command that will check your config files, and it then reports exactly what is wrong with them. So, get a cup of coffee, sit back, and read awhile.



Thanks jakkedup, i went back to the doc and was able to figure out my problem. now it is up and running, only finetunning it to get what I want.