Host Dependencies



I have a decent size network with around 200 switches and currently around 150 service checks on servers. I have dependencies set up on everything and also child/parent configuration. One problem I’m still running into is say I have SwitchA which is our main switch, and it checks every 1 min and all other sub switches check every 3 min. If SwitchA just got pinged and it is up and 10 sec later it goes down, I am going to get down messages for everything until it repings SwitchA and finds out it’s down in 50 secs which is quite a bit. I know I can set a retry interval on the switches but I want to know 1st thing if something goes down so that isn’t going to work. Is there some way that is SwitchB goes down it runs back up it’s dependencies to make sure everything is still good before reporting that SwitchB is down and everything else underneath it? I hope that makes sense and any help would be greatly appreciated.


excellent question: it’s a topic that has been annoying us for a long time … and I haven’t found a correct answer.

BUT, the good news is:
nagios 3.x could be the answer with this: … ncy_checks
In total honesty: I haven’t found time (or courage) to test it on our nagios3.x test server (we’re running nagios 2.10)…

So, if you’ve got enough motivation AND you like the flashy/blinking icons of nagios 3.x, you can give it a try :slight_smile: