Host dependency is not working properly


Rodc1 should depend on roex1, but when i activate the firewall to test … both go down … but i get 1 alert from ROdc1 (ussually unreachable) as well which should not happen since it is should be dependent on roex1 + roex1 is the parent of rodc1 as well.

define host {
host_name RODC1
alias RBWorks RO DC 1
display_name RODC1
parents ROEX1,ROSW01
use Test Template
register 1

define host {
host_name ROEX1
alias Ro Exchange 1 Server
display_name ROEX1
parents ROSW01
use Test Template
register 1

define hostdependency {
dependent_host_name RODC1
host_name ROEX1,ROSW01
inherits_parent 1
execution_failure_criteria d,u,p
notification_failure_criteria d,u,p

define host {
name Test Template
alias This is a Test
check_command check-host-alive
max_check_attempts 2
check_interval 1
retry_interval 1
active_checks_enabled 1
check_period 24x7
event_handler notify-host-by-email
event_handler_enabled 1
contact_groups admins
notification_interval 20
notification_period 24x7
notification_options d,u,r
notifications_enabled 1
register 0



Nevemind i made it work !