Host down notification time



Is it possible to configure nagios in such way that I’ll Be notified about host non-OK state after 20 minutes?

In nagios documentation I found this:

“One instance where Nagios checks the status of a host is when a service check results in a non-OK
status. Nagios checks the host to decide whether or not the host is up, down, or unreachable. If the
first host check returns a non-OK state, Nagios will keep pounding out checks of the host until either
(a) the maximum number of host checks (specified by the max_attempts option in the host definition) is
reached or (b) a host check results in an OK state.

Also of note - when Nagios is check the status of a host, it holds off on doing anything else (executing
new service checks, processing other service check results, etc). This can slow things down a bit and
cause pending service checks to be delayed for a while, but it is necessary to determine the status of
the host before Nagios can take any further action on the service(s) that are having problems.”

So if I understand this correctly if for example my icmp_ping service will go to non-OK state nagios will do host check max_attempts times if host is down it will go in to hard state without checking icmp_ping service again in fact it will not check nothing else during this time so this notification will be very quick.
In my situation I’m not interested if host is down for 10-20 minutes. I want to be informed only if it exceeds 20min. Is there any way to do this???


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the link is not working, any1 kind enuff to post the solution here?