Host - Service Dependencies and Servicecheck priorities



I have a question :).

I know nagios has the ability to use host and service dependencies. But is it also possible to create host - service dependencies? For instance, i have 5 hosts (numbered 1 till 5) and each host has 20 services.

Is it possible to configure nagios in such a way that when it notices that a hosts is down it stops checking the services of that hosts? Ofcourse it should put all service statusses of that host to unknown or critical.

This way the priority lays at the servicechecks for the ‘healthy’ hosts…


Sure, it’s called service/host dependencies. I know that sounds stupid, but I don’t know what else to say. If service check “ping” fails, they why even bother making service check “ftp_users” if ping fails right? So define the service dependancy and be done with it.