Host <> Service dependencies



Is it possible to get a Host (without any tests) to be affected if on of it’s services goes in Critical condition? What I would like to, is to look at the Status Map and easily detect if I have any problems.

If this have been asked before I’m sorry, I have tried to search through the forum first.



Could you try to describe better what you want to do?



In short:

I have Host1 with Service1 and Service2. If Service1 or Service2 goes into CRITICAL I would like Host1 to go into CRITICAL as well. Is that possible? :slight_smile:



Ouch, that was a hard one wasn’t it? Or was it me that misunderstood something about Nagios?


Hmmm, this is a bit wierd. Doesn’t anyone know a way to do it, is it impossible, is it stupid? Let me hear your thoughts :slight_smile:


nagios wil not show the host as critical as long as it reaches the host itself with a ping so i’d say no, it doesn’t work…
You could TRY modyfing the host status in the source itself on service status chenage but i wouldn’t even know where to start for this…



If you want to do that, you will have to write a plugin. The plugin would have to grep the status.dat file and generate a state based upon the services for that host’s states. Personally, I keep track of problems from the Service Problems or the Tactical Overview pages.


Thanks alot for you input, I might be able to tell my marketing peeps and the boss and so on, that thay have to look at the services indstead of the pretty icons :slight_smile:


marketing… enough said :smiley: