Hostgroup Change


Hi -

I’ve changed a few nodes from one hostgroup to a new hostgroup I created.

After reloading Nagios, the web interface shows the nodes as member of both hostgroups. I figure this is due to state retention - How do I get Nagios web interface to reflect the correct hostgroup?

Thanks for any help



state retention is for (as the name implies) state… so up, down or whatever else, not for being in a group or another.

probably something wrong in your definitions (wrong copy and paste?)


Thanks for your reply, however, I’ve crosschecked the same and found that I’ve deleted it from the old hostgroup & added onto the new hostgroup. So no chance of copy paste error. Any other suggestion?


try stopping nagios, cehck for left over nagios processes, use kill as needed, restart nagios.
I don’t think group definitions get as warnings in the config verification but worth a try.