Hosts not checked


Sorry to be such a newb with a question like this but I hate when things do not work like I know they should.

I have nagios running and most of the bugs worked out the problems I am running into at this point are, I am sure, pretty simple to you guys/ladies but making me insane.

  1. as another post commented if I click on 3-D status map i get a cgi statuswrl.cgi uploaded into me. I am certain that this should be parsed and viewed on the web page but I can not seem to make it do it.

  2. Also no matter what I do all my hosts say pending and for some of them it has been almost a month. When I go to host detail only a couple of the hosts actually go green. Is there something I am supposed to do to make them actually activate?

Here is an ecample of the .cfg

define host{
use generic-host ; Inherit default values from a template
host_name apps ; The name we’re giving to this host
alias apps ; A longer name associated with the host
address Ip address of server here here ; IP address of the host
max_check_attempts 3
retry_interval 1
define service{
use generic-service ; Inherit default values from a template
host_name beacon-apps ;
service_description Web Svc 200 Beacon Apps ;
check_command check_http!-u ;
define service{
use generic-service
host_name beacon-apps
service_description PING
check_command check_ping!3000.0,80%!5000.0,100%
normal_check_interval 10
retry_check_interval 1

On several others I created the host file by hand like this.

*define host
host_name srv01
alias Network Operations Center
max_check_attempts 3;
check_period 24x7;
contact_groups admins;
notification_interval 120;
notification_period 24x7;
notification_options d,u,r,f;
} *

All that being said is there something in the host definition or the services I need to enter to have it actually update the host to green?


OH I guess I have one other odd thing going on. (That I know of so far)

When a service goes yellow or red I click on it and try to put it in maint by clicking on “Acknowledge this service problem”. It reminds me of my kids it may or may not mark the item under maint. I also try and delete a comment that the server put on and it does not delete. This again is not a good thing.

I know it says to wait but a bit but again it has been hours.

I originally thought it might be what I was monitoring but I really am not monitoring that man computers yet.


OK i think i have the answer to the cgi issue still looking for help with the other issues.
Cortona =


You don’t appear to have a check command specified in your host object…

check_command: This directive is used to specify the short name of the command that should be used to check if the host is up or down. Typically, this command would try and ping the host to see if it is “alive”. The command must return a status of OK (0) or Nagios will assume the host is down. If you leave this argument blank, the host will not be actively checked. Thus, Nagios will likely always assume the host is up (it may show up as being in a “PENDING” state in the web interface). This is useful if you are monitoring printers or other devices that are frequently turned off. The maximum amount of time that the notification command can run is controlled by the host_check_timeout option. … tions.html


Yup you are exactly right. sorry I am still rather a newb at this. I am getting it to work pretty well which I could not have done without your help. It is amazing how well it works and how straight frorward once you understand it.

Thanks again for your help strides .