How do I do check basic status' on a printer


I am new to nagios (and snmp), and need to setup a service for checking some status’ on my canon office printer. I have nagios setup to ping some of my servers, so i’m slightly familiar with the cfg files. I entered community name “public” on my printer and enabled snmp, but how do i get info from it. I think i need the check_snmp command, but i don’t really understand the parameters needed for it. Do I need to setup any MIBs or do anything else on the printer?

Thanks in advance.


ok, i used snmpwalk and got the huge listing of all the OID= pairs, but dont know what any of them mean. Should I talk to the manufacturer to get a listing?



you should have MIB file somewhere (on the webpage?) which associates OIDs to some human readable values.

Another way is parsing an http output of a webinterface (if the printer has it)



On what webpage? As far as I know there is no web interface for the printer (i used the touchscreen panel to enable snmp).


Ok, turns out there is a web interface. However, it’s has the same controls as the touch screen. I cant find anything anywhere (including google) about MIB’s for Canon devices.


i was thinking of the Canon webpage for the MIB definitions… :slight_smile:



Do a google search for mbrowse and install it. It’s a gui that will help you get to where you want to be.
On the left, mbrowse will look kinda like a folder tree. Highlight a folder on the left and on the right it will show you what that oid means. Use this tool to walk the tree from any spot in the tree. When you find the oid that will give you the desired information, then that is what you will use in the check_snmp.

It’s important that you specify the MIB to use, in the check_snmp command, otherwise, check_snmp will look through all of the MIB’s that are installed on the linux box. If you don’t have the MIB needed then you will have to download it and install it on the linux box.

This will not be easy for a first time user for snmp, so be patient, read, learn, and in a few weeks, let us know if you have ran into a wall, that you just can’t figure out.