How do I install a plugin?


Hi all

I hope someone can help me, cause the manual doesn’t answer this one. How do I install a plug in Nagios?


can you be specific what/which pluggins you are referring to ?



i just downloaded the latest plugins for nagios, extracting the files & ./configure & make ran fine as far as i can tell. However since nagios is installed in a non standard folder here, i was wondering if the" make install --prefix=/usr/local/nagios/libexec" will actually force the script to create the files in this specific folder? This should be the case according to the Install file that came with the plugins, but i’d rather be sure then sorry :slight_smile:

any help/comments are appreciated


nevermind my question, found the answer & --prefix=x can’t be used even, luckily the installer puts the files where they should be …