How do I remove the red color?


Hello All,

Using version 3.

I monitor a host which has a planned downtime of several days.

I have used all possible “disable” links, but I keep getting red color on my pages.

This is somewhat disturbing, especially for managers lurking over my shoulder :wink:

I remember HPOV, which allowed to declare object “unmanaged”, making the color change from red to blue.

Is it possible to achieve the same result with Nagios ?



Explain the managers what the red color means. :slight_smile:

Joke aside if you really NEED to change it you can try to have a look in the CSS files… keep in mind these changes need to be reapplied each time you upgrade nagios.


I had a look at CSS, it is impossible because the style is the same for all down objects, scheduled or not.

BTW, the style sheet has tags for “Important problems” and “Unimportant problems”. Do you know where those are defined ?


The refernces should be in the tac.c file, after changing it re “make” the cgi…
i once changed some colors but then gave up as i lost the changes after an upgrade :slight_smile: