How get information about the storage HP MSA500


I have a storage MSA500 with 10 disks of 146 GB each one! And two server DL380 G5.
I install the Nagios to monitoring my servers. And what I really need is the information about each disk of my storage. Like if one of my disks fails i want that Nagios give this information to me. And more, I can configure to receive an email or a SMS in my cell phone when this happen.

Anyone knows if is possible to get this information??? And help me how to start???



What is a MSA500? What tools do you have to query it’s status outside of nagios? You’re probably going to need to use non-nagios tools to query this thing, and then get nagios to run those tools with a plugin. Sending an SMS message to your phone is standard stuff. Just RTFM for that.



MSA500 is a HP storage.

I don’t what tools I have… =/ this is the problem…


Ah… Sounds like a question for an HP forum.