How to configure Nagios for everyone to look but not touch?


It’s been a while since I installed my Nagios system. I’m very happy with it but I don’t remember how the security works. As I recall it was one of the more difficult things to set up anyway.

I’m on an intranet so security is not a big deal. I currently have the system set up to require username/password for access. But I want to open Nagios up for everyone to view but not to change. I don’t recall if this is handled in Apache’s config, htaccess(?), or in the Nagios config.

How can I set up Nagios for everyone to look but not touch? Any pointers on where to start or where to look in the documentation would be helpful.



I’ve done a little more investigation. So I’ll try to be more specific with my questions.

I’ve located a section in my Apache httpd.conf file that appears to control access. I’m pretty much using the Apache conf that came with Nagios.

The httpd.conf contains this:
<Directory “/usr/share/nagios”>
AuthName "Nagios Access"
AuthType Basic
AuthUser File …
Require valid-user

Do I change some of this to make Nagios viewable to everyone to everyone without logging in?

I also see a “use_authentication=” statement in my Nagios cgi.cfg. I have it set “=1”. Should I change that to “=0”? Or will that open up the privileged functions that I wish to be controlled by privileged users?


I got working. Thanks for your consideration.