How to configure nagios to monitor Oracle


Dear All

I have installed and configure nagios with its all plugins successfully. Right now I am monitor disk space, load, total process etc. but may main goal is configure nagios to monitor Oracle database. I want to configure nagios such a way so that I can monitor oracle Instances, tablespaces, Arclog etc. I tried many time to configure this things but I haven’t succeed. I don’t have any idea how to configure. I got many plugins for oracle. But there is no documentation How to configure those plugins with nagios server as well as client side.

I will be very thanks full if any one suggest me or guide me How to do all this thing.

Thanks In Advance



Hi Jaz_comp,
I’m trying to do the same thing. But I already did some steps…
First of all, you have to decide which path to use to access the databases, I know two options:

  1. Access the databases by SQLNET, you need a ORACLE SQLNET client installed in the nagios machine, inside the “nagios” user, and working with a TNSNAMES with all your desired databases. I’m trying to use this way.
  2. Access the databases by a remote command, but there is some implications, you need to install the “nrpe” agent in all remote target machines, I really don’t know how to use this way, but certainly it is more intrusive and decentrilized.

I suggest you to choose one of them and post a new replay.
I already can use the oracle plugin “check_oracle --login PROD1.BLA.BR” and it works manually, but when I put in the CFG file to monitor automatically, it always said that the database is down, this is my problem now.