How to configure the NSCA


In advance, sorry for my terrible English.

I’ve configed the NSCA on my PC running w2k.

And I entered the command on the command line for testing.

But It says “0 data packet(s) sent to host successfully.”

Someting strange. what is that?? No data has been send to the server? Shoud it be more than 1?


it is missing enter key at the end of the file.


Dear limp80,

may i know

  1. what is the syntax for the file?
  2. how exactly the configuration at the nagios server side in order to process the file? which plugins-in to be used??

i get to send the data packets, however nothing is shown at the nagios.



Nothing is shown in nagios because you dont have a hostname/service description defined on the nagios server, that matches EXACTLY what you have defined on the remote host. You also will have to read the docs on nsca and see that you will have to enable passive checks on the nagios server for that host/service.


Actually Jakkedup, if you read more carefully Hsiang mentions that one the -sending- side he’s getting the error “0 bytes sent succesfully”. Meaning that something’s going wrong at the source.

Your comments are quite useful though and they are something Hsiang should pay attention to.

Hsiang: on the receiving end you do not need a plugin. You need to have the NSCA daemon running.


Yea, missed that. I wonder how packets are supposed to get to a nagios webpage, if there was no daemon running on it?