How to diable check-host-alive



I’ve got a fresh install of Nagios 3.0.6.
Most of my servers I can’t ping so Nagios says the host is DOWN. Is it possible to global disable check-host-alive so my hosts become UP. I already tried to remoe check-host-alive in the configuration but then the hosts are status PENDING.

Hope you can help me out.

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Nagios somehow needs to know is host is up or down.
If ping is no solution to check-host-alive, then any other plugin can be used for check-host-alive, for example check_snmp. You just need to configure that in command definitions of your plugins.
If you don’t want to use host-check-alive at all then you could set the host with passive-check-enabled and set initial_state as up. Then never submit any result for that host to Nagios and fake Up state is always on.