How to monitor CPU HDD temperature


I need to monitor Cpu and HDD temperature on Win with snmp.
Or using an external program and then send the data to nagios.
I need help.


if it’s in the windows performance monitor you can use NTClient++


i don’t have this plugin in NSClient++
where i can find this?


Sorry missread.

I would guess you have to have some additional software from the HW provider that you can use via client.
It will be system dependent not windows generic.


I discovered that exist a plugin called chek_WMI.
this plug can interrogate wmi, but it not simple interrogate wmi.
Help meeee


It may be possible to do it with check_wmi. I would prefer to create a vbs script find the info and return it with check_nrpe.
It think it will be hard to get that kind of turn-key help here.

Your best bet is probably to google or and get some code working from the win desktop. Then it will be no problem to put that into nsclient.

If you cant code it you probably have to get someone to do it for you.


how do I send data whit nrpe?


If you manage retreive any data with vbs I will help you send it. I have posted a vbs that return data from MS SQL in the nsclient forum.
You can rewrite that to send the HD temp once you know how to read it from win.

For information on check_nrpe in NSClient refere to the examples in the nsclient documention.


exists a simple way?