How to re-read nagios.cfg and cgi.cfg file?


Hi folks,

I am trying to follow the README for NAGIOSTAT release 1.1

I followed the directions up until the end. But I am having trouble with the nagios files that I created (nagios.cfg and cgi.cfg) not re-reading after I made some changes to the original nagios.cfg and cgi.cfg files.

According to the header at cgi.cfg, “…Delete the nagatobj.dat file in the nagios/etc/directory to reread the Nagios configuration”

I have two files nagatcfg.dat and nagaobjs.dat, which need to be deleted. I deleted these files and ran a “service nagios restart”, but it did not re-read my cgi.cfg or nagios.cfg files…

What am I doing wrong?


So my nagios installation is at /usr/local/nagios/etc


check you nagios.cfg directory. it might not be in the default dir. you can also try to point nagios to the directory of your nagios.cfg.

hope this helps.