How to rotate oncall notifications?

We have the on-call person rotating every week. What would be a good way of changing the person notified depending on the week?

At the moment we have one prod_oncall contact defined, and we change the mobile number each week with a script and restart nagios.

(I’m taking over nagios from next week, and haven’t yet had a huge exposure to it!)


if you have a script to rotate them put it in crontab and let the script restart nagios :slight_smile:


heh! That’s what we have done. I was wondering if there was a better solution. I don’t like having to restart nagios for every small change, and thought there may be a better way!


i don’t think restarting nagios once a week is a big problem… but i know no other solution… as nagios has a weekly timeperiod so you can’t differntiate between a week and the other.