How to sent graph info via email


I am working on a project in which I need to take the complete Nagios graphs such as weekly trend network usage, Latencies, Disc Charts and CPU utilization, and have them emailed to my boss for his perusal on Monday mornings.

I know the solution must exist in the script, but question is, where?
I’m new to perl, just learning.
Have any of you done this before with Nagios?
What should I look for?
Can anyone point me in the proper direction?
Any help is much appreciated.


why don’t you just run the script so the GIFs (or whatever) are created and send the images? the names would be always the same…



Hello Luca,
Thank you for your reply.
Yes, this is exactly what I am trying to do.
The problem is, I am trying to figure out which part of the code does this.
I think that if I can find the part of the script which executes the graph, and pass the parameters to to it, like I want CPU utilization of this such and such server, and then tell the script to mail to, and then tell CRON to run it on such and such date, this would work. But, I am new to Perl, and struggling to learn. I just need help on how I can make the script do this.
I thank you for any help at all.


don’t do it in the script… :slight_smile:
use the mail command in a cronjob to send you the info the graphing application has created.