How to stop monitoring specific services with OSSIM


I have a server with the latest version of OSSIM installed.

If you aren’t familiar with OSSIM, it’s an all-in-one security tool that has Nagios built in. It must have some pre-defined scans setup in it because it’s polling a ton of stuff on each of my servers every 5 minutes.

Does anyone know how to stop it from polling so much?? Or maybe just tell exactly what to poll?

Thanks in advance!


I’d rather ask this on the OSSIM forums…



[quote=“luca”]I’d rather ask this on the OSSIM forums…


I did, but they don’t get very much traffic so I hoped someone here might know.

I think I actually found the answer anyway. In OSSIM, if you go under Policy --> Hosts and click on the hostname (not click “modify”) then you can un-check the boxes that you don’t want it to scan.



glad you got it :).