How to use check_disk_space service in Nagios


My name is Chris, we are using Nagios to monitor our network. And it turns out it is a very good network monitoring tool for us. Right now we are trying to use check_disk_space service to monitor remote host in the network, but it looks like we can only use this service on the local server instead of the remote host. I noticed that there is an addon called nrpe in Nagios which can allow Nagios to execute the command on the remote host, I wonder if anybody has experience about how to use this service. please help me out.

Any help will be highly appreciated.

Chris Guo

I use the nsca addon. But I just downloaded nrpe and the README looks straight forward to me.
What is it exactly that you can get from the README? The readme seems to have every single detail included in it, so please be more precise on the trouble.

Thanks for the respond, I finished installing the nrpe in the nagios host as well as the remote host. But I still get an error says"could not complete ssl handshake". Any idea of that?

I have’t use the nsca addon. but using the check_snmp_storage script from

compare between the nsca addon and check_snmp_storage script, anyone can tell the which is better?

I’ve got nrpe running on a load of Solaris boxes. What type of remote host do you have?

Is the README.SSL file that came with nrpe any help? If not, try compiling without SSL.

I have hosts running red hat linux system as well as windows system. I also wonder if I can use nrpe to check the disk space in windows system.


There is a document that might help you with SSL. It’s the README.SSL that came with nrpe.

Do we have to use SSL in the nagios host as well as remote host?

No you don’t have to use it. That’s why i poointed out the readme.ssl file for you. It sounded to me, that you where triing to set it up, so that you would be using it.