HowTo: Notification everyday on OK check


This might be a little different, but to test the pagers we currently receive a daily noon page from servers alive.
I’d like to configure something similar in nagios.

I’ve come up with a few options.

1). host check for null server (with a noon timeperiod for notitication) , works but sends a host down message.

2). is_volatile, but only works with non-OK checks.

3). passive check to set a state (pre-noon), then another passive check (at noon) to reset the state (state change so notification sent).

Anybody have some ideas on a “simple” way to accomplish sending a daily page?



make a fake check… might even be a postive one (use negate)
Associate a limited timeperiod when you want to get the alert… only porblem is the timeperiod durtion vs notification interval… you may want to give an extra minute risking a double notification insted of misisng one sometime… not sure if this can become a problem…