HRSP plugin issue



Im trying to get this HRSP check working … 5.html;d=1
or directly from here

but theres a syntax error in it somewhere which I just cant find :frowning:

[root@optiplex libexec]# ./
./ line 171: syntax error: unexpected end of file

Im just wondering if theres someone here who might be able to spot the problem.

Thanks in advance



Since I did not find a reply I might as well post my solution:

I changed the line

print_usage() { echo "Usage: $PROGNAME -H <HOSTNAME> -C <COMMUNITY> -m active|standby|state ip|ip|state" }
so the last ‘}’ is on a newline. It seems to work OK now


man you are brilliant and i should say hats off, i was not able to figure this out, however did you get it work?
i am not able to work with the plugun, it shows me the following error:

./ -H -C public -m state 5
-text omitted-
./ line 146: : : integer expression expected
./ line 149: : : integer expression expected
./ line 152: : : integer expression expected
./ line 155: : : integer expression expected
./ line 158: : : integer expression expected
./ line 161: : : integer expression expected
UNKNOWN - State unknown

and if i gave:
./ -H -C public -m active
result is:
You are querying, which is not the HSRP Ip Address, please use for the Checks

what each of the ip addresses reflects?
please help me with the mentioned