Http and form elements


ok all, I swear I searched first, but I’m at a slight loss.

I can use the check_http plugin to check the authentication on a site and that works great, the -f handles the redirect, etc.
However, I now have a page that first hands a POST webform that simply requires a click on the OK, before it takes you to the form that requests user/pass. I have read that check_http cannot deal with this, and so now I am trying this with Webinject’s Nagios perl plugin, but still have little success.

Am I over thinking this? Is there another plugin that could be used instead?




Ok, so slight change of plans.

As far as I can tell there isn’t any plugin or process that is going to let me do this, but I’ll shoot this out to the group and see if there are any ideas.

Essentially, I need to be able to hit an http page, click on various elements on that page, authenticate, click on other elements in the page, etc. to nagivate to a specific area with this site, and then get a simple yay or nay from Nagios. Sort of like some macro scripts I’ve seen out there.

If this plausible at all? Thanks for any suggestions!


So, this “ok” form element is still a thorn and unresolved, any ideas? Thanks again