HTTP WARNING: HTTP/1.1 401 Authorization Required


i just installed nagios on a new centos 5.4 server and in the service status details we have this warning (HTTP WARNING: HTTP/1.1 401 Authorization Required) can someone give me some insite on this please


you didn’t follow the instructions correctly. You have to setup uthentication correctly.


Well i dont know witch step i missed cause i followed the fedora quick start to a T. can you point me in the correct direction please

  1. Configure the Web Interface

i’d point on a missing htpasswd file or the config relative to the htpasswd file in the apachec config



i configured that also. when going to the nagios control panel it does ask me for my user name and pass


ok, try checking the apache logs if there’s some clue about what may be wrong.


I did find this

Fri Feb 26 01:01:21 2010] [error] [client] user nagiosadmin: authentication failure for “/nagios”: Password Mismatch

so do i just redo the htpasswd step

also if the password was mismatched why did it still let me in


is it working now?

if it was a password problem it shouldn’t have let you to the main nagios page…


[quote=“luca”]is it working now?

if it was a password problem it shouldn’t have let you to the main nagios page…[/quote]

No inputing a new pass DID NOT fix it. i am at a loss here


same here…

happy it was fixed… but it’s quite strange… oh well… glad you came out of it and sorry for the first post :slight_smile:


oops typo

No it is not fixed. reinputing the password did not fix it


have you tried remaking all three steps in point 5?



well i did all the steps of step 5. and no change


try turning selinux off…


its been disabled and has been


no ideas left, apart from a complete nagios reinstall, something must have gone wrong… but i can’t say what. sorry.


OK thats not a problem. but i am not sure how to ?


delete the files you downloaded and the file create dby the make commands, and delete the installed files… then redownload and start again by the instructions… hoping it helps :wink:


what is the (dby file


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