I find a problem on table "host/service status totals


Occasionlly there is no response when I click up/down/unreachable/pending or ok/warning/unknown/critical/pending.Sometimes it will work very well.I dont know whether this is a bug or something else.Does anybody know about it? Tell me.


Possibly your CPU is kinda busy at that time. I know that at times, my hessitates a bit. I seriously doubt that you have found a problem, since all of my links are working.


Thank you.And I also find the showlog.cgi and history.cgi with even worse problems.Occasionlly both of them will execute correctly,most times they will lead IE down.I dont know whether this is a problem.


you may want to try with a different browser… but i don’t think it’s the problem… check the CPU usage while opening the pages.