I made a nagios config util to help


Hi all, I just released my first test version of Fruity, my nagios configuration utility. It’s a web based app (php & mysql) to aid in the configuration of nagios. It can do all the basic configuration so far, and I need people to test it and provide feedback.

I’m hoping this will help nagios become more and more accepted despite it’s hairy scary flat-file configuration format.

Check it out at fruity.nakedgeek.com




Would be happy to test Fruity.

Edited Wed Feb 16 2005, 07:06PM ]


Just installed Fruity.

I have this at the top of the page
Warning: in_array(): Wrong datatype for second argument in /srv/www/htdocs/fruity/session/session.php on line 23**

Any clues?


Sorry, fixed. fruity.nakedgeek.com/session.php is the new session.php file you should put in session/session.php. Or you can redownload the package which contains the fixed file.



If you can, please subscribe to the fruity mailing list at [email protected] and post questions and comments there, so I can track them all at one place.